According to the CDC (2022), the amount of people with a visual impairment in the United States is expected to double by 2030. Only about 54% of general Occupational therapists feel comfortable performing low vision screenings (Winner et al., 2014). 

As the prevalence of visual impairments rises, individuals need training to focus on their usable vision. This specialized training allows individuals quality of life to dramatically increase as they engage in meaningful activities in a safe manner.

My experience was life-changing! My ability to do my work, and to enjoy other aspects of my personal life in an enhanced way has been changed forever. I could not recommend or speak more highly of an individual practicing vision therapy. - Dr. Steven Fisher MD

Free Low Vision Devices with Lions Low Vision.

Low vision is defined as having 20/70 or worse visual acuity in the better eye with corrected vision and the individual's function is impacted by vision.

Overcome Barriers

"The large print bingo cards allowed my patient to make friends in her new assisted living facility. She turned a corner and settled in. Very rewarding outcome." - Catherine Meriano JD, MHS, OTR/L

Make Friends

"One of our clients was very unhappy prior to the support group. After the first support group, her outlook on life completely changed. She now invites her new friends over for picnics and looks forward to group." - Laura Mutrie MSW, LCSW


Many occupational therapists and doctors are unaware that bioptic driving is illegal in the state of Connecticut. The purpose of vision therapy is to train clients to use their usable vision.

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