The VA - West Haven

For United States Veterans Only

There are 13 advanced VA vision centers across the United States.

One of these vision centers is located at 950 Campbell Ave. West Haven, CT.

To Make a referral contact Katie Wiseman at 203-932-5711 Extension # 3407 or

They offer a program to veterans whose visual impairment is impacting their daily life. A referral is needed from a medical or eye doctor.

The visual impairment can be anything age-related, occurred during combat, or occurred outside of combat. The individual will move into this facility for 4-6 weeks for a vision rehabilitation training program. 

Vision rehabilitation training will often consist of training with 6-12 assistive technology devices, an assessment, a treatment plan, and various field trips where new skills can be used.

Staff consists of psychologists, social workers, blind rehab specialists, vision rehabilitation staff, certified low vision therapists, and various eye doctors.

Veterans work on meeting their goals of community mobility, independence in their daily activities, Uber usage, usage of touch, and technology use.

Lisa-Anne Mowerson is the Chief of Eastern Blind Rehabilitation Services and can be reached at 203-932-5711 Extension # 7785 or